Chris Hemsworth in the capital Dhaka-based film

Chris Hemsworth, the famous ‘Thor’ actor, came into the film with a story based on the capital Dhaka, but not in Bangladesh. The name of the image is ‘Extraction’. Although the name of the film was supposed to be ‘Dhaka’. That name was later changed. In India and Thailand, photo shoot is done by creating an environment like Dhaka. And in the film Hemsworth will be seen in the character of Taylor Reich. A mercenary soldier who has come to Dhaka to rescue the son of a leader of the international crime world from kidnappers. And USA Today, a US-based news media, has released some pictures of this film’s ‘Fast Look’ philosophy.

Sam Hargreave, for the first time, made a name for himself as a director by creating this film. Interestingly, Hargreave is a Hollywood stunt man. And he has also worked with Hemsworth as a stunt coordinator and ‘second unit director’ in the films ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘Endgame’. Chris Hemsworth said in an interview that he had been in Thailand and India for about three months for a film career. In the meantime, the way I missed my children, many of the feelings were expressed in acting. Photo by Avengers fame Joe Russo; His brother, Anthony Russo, served as the adjoining co-director. Also starring are David Harbor and Derek Luke, who starred in the release of ‘Black Widow’. The potential date for the streaming of the film, which is produced by Netflix, was announced on April 24.

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