India did not give visas to Chinese wrestlers for the fear of corona virus!

The Asian wrestling championship begins in India on Tuesday. Indian authorities have suspended the issuance of e-visas to Chinese competitors there. The ban also applies to Chinese citizens.

The Asian Wrestling Championships in Delhi will continue till February 23. “They (the Chinese wrestlers) are not coming,” Vinod Tumor, assistant general secretary of the India Wrestling Federation, said. Of course there are health risks here. Because corona virus is fatal. ‘

The deadly corona virus spread from the city of Wuhan, the capital of China’s Hubei province, on December 2019. At one point, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared an emergency around the world with the virus.

The virus has been identified in at least 28 countries so far. The death toll from the deadly virus in China has also increased by two thousand. A spokeswoman for the wrestling federation of the country has expressed disappointment over the failure of Chinese players to play. He says, ‘The wrestlers have all been very disappointed. There is no doubt about it. ā€¯Indian Sports Minister Kieran Rizziu said,” According to the Olympic Charter, we cannot refuse to give a citizen a visa.

We try to keep politics away from sports. But if there is health or any other strategic problem, then different measures have to be taken. ” However, the Chinese Wrestling Federation (CWA), in writing, told the Indian Wrestling Federation (WFI) that 30 wrestlers and the remaining 10 support staff were kept out of the transition. They were not infected with corona virus.

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